5 July, 2017

Are you looking to grow your eCommerce business in South Africa?

Online shopping within South Africa is growing at a steady pass, with more and more brick and mortar stores putting their businesses online. However, there are still major challenges faced by eCommerce players within the industry looking to expand. While many online retailers are doing a good job with their online user experience and marketing, there is still tremendous potential within the industry for businesses to improve and gain a better understanding of their customer base.

At Vane we work with the EFA to improve the eCommerce industry of South Africa. We look to provide unique opportunities to online business owners that will help them grow within the South African online market.

The result we hope to achieve here is to not only help awesome businesses achieve but to contribute to the overall health and growth of the eCommerce industry within South Africa.


Our eCommerce training programme and half-day seminars—in partnership with the EFA—will be coming soon, and we want to know if we can help you.

CLICK HERE, express you interest by sending us your details, and be one of the first to be informed on what we have to offer.

The Ecommerce Forum of Africa

The overall goal of the Ecommerce Forum of Africa is to increase awareness, confidence and capability of the eCommerce industry in Southern Africa.

The EFA aims to achieve this by:

Growing the eCommerce industry in the RSA

  • Looking at solutions for the greater industry;
  • Attracting a greater variety of merchants;
  • Championing eCommerce as a retail option.
  • Education


  • Of the end consumer, and
  • All its members through up-skilling programmes in areas that are related to eCommerce.


  • That act as a representative voice of the sector.
  • Continuing to identify solutions to regulatory issues that are faced in the industry.

In order to achieve these objectives the Forum aims to:

  • Encourage research into the various aspects of eCommerce;
  • Create a Trustmark or some system to encourage consumer confidence;
  • Prepare a PR campaign that members can buy into, with 3 aims – to promote confidence with consumers; with potential merchants, and with government;
  • Forge relations with payment systems & delivery operators.

The EFA represents:

  • Large and small eShop owners
  • Brick and mortar stores that are including eCommerce as part of their omnichannel strategy
  • Service providers (platforms, payments, logistics, delivery, consultants)

The EFA helps each of these stakeholders work cohesively with each other to enrich the overall eCommerce industry in Africa.

  • Research (trends, definitions, usage by business & consumers, attitudes towards);
  • Regulation (Data privacy (POPI); consumer protection (CPA, ECTA); cyber law; tax;
  • Expanding your business in Africa;
  • Education (basic curriculum, cooperation with educational institutions & trainers)

Join The Ecommerce Forum of Africa

Membership is open to all stakeholders in the African eCommerce industry, including etailers and service providers.

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