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From Start to Profit: The online journey to having a successful ecommerce store

As online spending grows the time to embrace the power of ecommerce is now. However, it is not as easy to succeed as an online merchant as one may think. Whether you already have an online store or are thinking of starting one, setting it up is the easy part. Having an ecommerce store is a lot of work and the hard part starts in maintaining that store so that it works for your business. Developing a marketing plan that constantly drives traffic to the website, retaining the customers that have converted on your website by building customer loyalty, optimising your efforts based on captured data and maintaining your website’s backend all ensure that your online business remains effective and efficient in order to be a success.

We have developed a basic outline of the online journey you, as an ecommerce business owner, need to implement to obtain a holistic online business. In each step, we highlight why it is important to implement these business practices in order to have a fully functioning online store that meets your business goals.

Choose Your Platform

Never be seduced by a platform whose initial price is low, but instead look to the future and choose the platform that offers numerous functionalities that allows it to scale as your business grows.

Tailoring to your unique needs, whether establishing, extending or expanding your ecommerce shop, choose a platform that will allow you to grow without hindering your business.



Design & Development

Whether you need a simple online brochure website or a detailed custom design, your website should be designed with UX (User Experience) in mind. Your website should be tailored to your audience, ensuring that it is optimised and mobile ready so that your audience is not deterred from purchasing from you.

Using clean coding practices in website development is like laying the foundation for a sturdy house. Ensuring that website standards have been adhered to, websites load a lot faster and you rank better in search results. Having a strong foundation means that your website can easily handle any changes, upgrades and any other web standards that may be introduced in the future.

Drive Traffic

There are a lot of online stores out there so you will have to market, market, market!

Your marketing (Google Adwords, social media, blog posts, email campaigns and SEO strategies) should all be geared towards driving traffic to your website, generating a consistent stream of leads and generating sales for your online business.

The process of promoting your site never ends and always requires a siginificant investment in order to get a real return. The only way to truly thrive online is to market constantly, and to regularly monitor the results of your marketing efforts.

PPC Advertising

Customer Loyalty

Now that you have worked so hard to get your customers you need to hold onto them as best you can.

Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) are highly intuitive sales tools that remarket and grow customer loyalty. Using a CRM ensures that you get a 360° customer view of your customers, powerful marketing tools, business workflows, third-party integration and reporting and analysis – all which adds to the efficiency of running your online business.



Having your business infrastructure and all its processes in place – it is important that you work at keeping it maintained.

The business environment is forever changing so testing, optimising and upgrading elements of your business will ensure that you always stay on-top of things.

Upgrading your website, changing your marketing tactics and integrating new and improved business practices will keep your online business moving forward.

Website Maintenance Plans

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