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Magento Ecommerce

With so many different ecommerce platforms on offer, it can be difficult as a store owner to find the best solution for you. If your ecommerce store is central to your company or business, then it’s hard to ignore Magento. Released as an open-source platform in 2008, Magento has established itself as a specialised  and affordable ecommerce solution that continues to grow in popularity. Often considered the market leader among ecommerce platforms, Magento now powers almost one-fourth of the world’s biggest online stores including leading brands such as Samsung, Nestle, Nespresso, Nike, Men’s Health, Olympus and with millions of other small and medium-sized businesses across the world.

Magento’s success can be attributed to the platform’s high level of usability and customisation, making it one of the most loved and preferred ecommerce sites among customers. Designed to be completely scalable and offering optimal performance, you can rely on the Magento platform to meet your business needs as you continue to grow and evolve.

Why are so many companies choosing Magento as their ecommerce solution?

Offering one of the most extensive features lists you will ever find (to view a full list of the features offered by Magento visit our website) it is hard to see why a company wouldn’t prefer the Magento solution.

For now we have highlighted the main features offered by Magento:

Supportive Community

The Magento community (consisting of other users, developers and service providers) can be an extremely valuable and useful support system and resource. Why? Because of the information, resources and technical expertise that this group can provide. Problems and roadblocks always arise when developing a website and with a community available 24/7 you are most likely to find the help and solutions you need. This might seem unimportant for now but down the line you will find that it is a valuable time-saver that assists your business to grow that much quicker.

Extensions and Functionality

Although the company offers a ton of resources to customise your online store, you can also integrate a growing collection of third-party plugins and extensions for additional functionality suited to your business needs and budget. With the Magento extensions, retailers have a higher degree of freedom and flexibility to optimise their website and make it exactly what they want it to be.


Magento is highly scalable, which means that, with the right hardware and configuration, it can easily support the needs of both small businesses and big enterprises. On other platforms problems often arise when a site experiences a sudden increase in traffic, leading to website crashes, slow page loading speeds and ultimately a loss of customers and revenue. With Magento’s scalability you can avoid these limitations and ensure that your site will function properly at every stage of your business growth.

Open Source

Magento is an open-source platform, meaning that developers and site owners have access to the source code when creating a website. This allows for more freedom and flexibility, making it possible to completely modify the functionality of your site to accommodate your business needs. This means that developers can control how a site processes information, how it displays information, etc., thereby giving you complete control over the design and logic of a web page.

What does Magento mean for you as a store owner?

Suitable for small business with its Community Edition (free) all the way to enterprise stores with its Enterprise Edition, the Magento platform will give you the ability to:

Attract & Engage Consumers

Built-in SEO and fully customisable features allow you to attract and engage customers with rich differentiated experiences.

Convert & Sell more

You can optimize conversion rates with a configurable cart and checkout flow. Increase your Average Order Value (AOV) with segmentation and targeted promotions.

Drive Loyalty

Magento ensures a smooth post-purchase experience with proper order management tools. Turn your customers into loyal advocates with rewards, wish lists, gift registries and more.

Grow & Scale

Grow and scale with confidence with business user controls, full page caching, background indexing and optimised performance.

If you’re considering an ecommerce website, whether it’s your first step to selling online or you’re looking to advance your online presence – Vane can help.

We deliver a comprehensive Magento service, helping you with:

  • Magento installation and migration
  • Customised magento modules
  • Upgrades to magento 2
  • Creative design and UX
  • Ecommerce consultancy
  • Support

Get the power to create rich, engaging customer experiences with a platform that will grow with you.

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