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Grow your eCommerce business with Google Display Network

Want to grow your eCommerce business? Reach millions of potential leads and generate thousands of new customers? There are dozens of paid traffic sources to choose from, including popular ad...

11 Fundamental Guidelines of the Checkout User Experience

With the latest improvements in web technology and browsers, eCommerce sites have the potential to create an amazing checkout user experience. Yet, many customers often still abandon their shopping carts....

How to accept Bitcoin in your business

One only needs to visit to see how fast Bitcoin - the digital currency worth R12,750 today (at the time of writing) - has grown since it began in 2009....

SEO Best Practices For eCommerce Product Pages

Search engine optimization (SEO) can make or break any website, but it’s especially critical for eCommerce sites whose success depends on attracting, delighting, converting, and retaining the most customers. With...

Trust and the Basics of Blockchain in eCommerce

One of the biggest problems we face in the eCommerce space in South Africa is trust - people are reluctant to put their credit cards through the internet for various...

eCommerce Copywriting: How to establish trust and persuade purchases

Content, content, content. It’s an essential part to any eCommerce store. Yet, it is often done misguidedly. Many store owners often not even realising that poor content is the culprit to...
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