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9 Fundamental elements for a successful online presence 

Creating a website can be one of the most profitable moves you could ever make, but after our countless website launches in all our years we still have clients who are not budgeting for, or developing effective marketing strategies for their newly launched website.

Just having a website in no way guarantees online success. And while some problems may fall outside our complete control, if a newly launched site neglects the fundamentals in developing an online marketing plan they are bound to have very little success.

An online marketing plan is designed to maximise your online potential and provide a roadmap for strategic growth and development. This ensures continued success in an ever changing and complex online environment.

Launching a new website is very exciting and requires a lot of time and effort, but this is only 40% of the work. Online marketing is perhaps the most important function of your online presence. And in order to gain the sustained traffic and engagement you seek, you will need to create a marketing plan and devote the necessary funds to truly establish you and your brand online, across all platforms.

Here are 9 fundamental elements to consider when developing an effective online marketing plan:

1: Target market

Who are they?
How do they behave?
How best to reach them?

2: Industry

Who are my competitors?
What are the current trends?

3: Differentiators

What is my competition not doing well and how can I highlight or capitalize on these?
What can I offer to offset or detract from any weaknesses?

4: Social integration

How much engagement do I want?
Do I want to just get the word out or drive traffic somewhere else using these social platforms?

5: Conversions and CTA’s

What do I want users to do, buy, share, download, comment, or post?
How do I persuade them to do so? With links, buttons, pop ups, and at what stage of interest?

6: Content offerings 

Am I a catalogue, resource center, thought leader or a mix?
How do I avoid dead ends and supplement with related upsells?

7: Online environment

What are my users looking to do? Browse, buy, learn, or reach out?
Do I need to make any other developments like an app?

8: Follow-up marketing

What customer service is required or should be offered?
What can keep them coming back? Remarketing? Newsletters?

9: Maintenance

What CMS (Content Management System) is in place or should be in place?
What resources are in house, or do I outsource?

By ensuring that these fundamental elements have been considered when developing your online marketing plan, and by allocating the right budget, you will have the power you need to become successful online and see the return on your website investment.

What’s next?

There is always work to be done! Marketing is an ongoing investment into your online presence.

If you are just starting out or need help updating your marketing strategies contact us at Vane and we can help you get the most from your online presence.

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