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Google Adwords what are Macro & Micro goals and how can they improve your revenue.

Why use AdWords and “Does Google AdWords Work?” are pretty common searches on Google. This suggests that many marketers and business owners who have heard about Google AdWords may be feeling hesitant and doubtful on how it can work for them.

We believe that AdWords – Google’s enormously successful pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system – can work for almost any type of business. Small, medium or large – all businesses have one thing in common – they want to reach the right consumers and gain their attention in the hope that they will lead them down the path to purchase.

Yes there are many businesses who don’t implement Google Adwords properly and end up losing a lot of money – but leaving those extreme cases aside – Adwords is still advantageous, even if you aren’t successful the first, or even the second time. This is because no matter how big or small, Adwords allows businesses to take the right steps to achieving their main goals.

Introducing Macro and Micro goals – the premise behind determining Macro and Micro goals is to combat the issue of only focusing on a small proportion of your traffic that is converting, and allowing you to see the bigger picture from all traffic – converting or not.

MACRO goals = the desired end action from a consumer.


Macro goals are any primary business objectives that can actually impact the bottom line.

Below we take a look at two Macro conversions that can be achieved in Google Adwords.

Goal = increase sales


Goal = capture consumer information


MICRO goals = a step in the conversion funnel that starts a relationship and could end in a purchase.


Micro goals are achievements that lead up to meeting a Macro goal.

Determining your Micro goals isn’t about thinking small. To the contrary, it’s more about thinking big. It means that your focus is broader than only your primary website goals.

By setting up Micro goals you can determine what needs to be optimised in order to achieve your Macro goals.

Have a look at two Micro goals that can eventually take your business to a higher level.

Goal = increase consumer engagement


Goal = increase your business visibility in search results


So never look at Google Adwords as a battle never won or a waste of time and money, because the small wins do matter, and they may eventually payoff.

Let us help you setup your Macro and Micro goals to get a multi-dimensional view of your website and gather insights that will continue to grow your website and your business revenue.

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