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Why Google AdWords is a must for Ecommerce

Here at Vane we ‘set up shop’ for a lot of online retailers. Many of whom want only the online store and no marketing. However, we view ourselves as a ‘one stop shop’ for a reason — to not only give you a beautiful website but to also ensure that your newly launched store achieves…

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How website speed affects shopping behavior

Think the speed of your website doesn’t matter? Think again. Internet users are less tolerant of slow websites than they have ever been, and justifiably so. The download speed of ecommerce sites has greatly improved over the years. But many retailers still struggle with making their sites run quickly. The unfortunate truth is that, yes…

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The complexity of website maintenance

Websites are constantly evolving. With developers and community feedback, platforms are regularly updated. Resulting in new features, extra functionality, security patches to address vulnerability, and overall improvement of the platform experience. However, unforeseen hiccups, compatibility issues with plugins, and other unfortunate consequences often occur. More than a few users have had their site up and…

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How to acquire and retain website traffic

More and more retailers are discovering the power of online stores. As a result, the number of online stores is increasing yearly and competition is growing. Poor website traffic is one of the biggest hardships faced by online businesses, and with consumers being lured in every direction it is not getting easier. The question is,…

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Measuring Social Media ROI

Social media is now more than ever an impactful marketing channel. Thus, measuring the return on your social media is no longer optional. However, marketers often make the mistake of diving straight into measuring and reporting without a clear plan. The returns from social media can be great when a business has a clear strategy…

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Building your Omnichannel architecture

An omnichannel architecture or integrated commerce is made up of all necessary IT systems and functionalities to ensure an organization optimally supports omnichannel customer journeys. Today, retailers are beginning to see the new realities of the customer journey (dynamic, accessible and continuous), with customers using a combination of different research, browsing, purchase and collection methods…

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Bug fixing for better customer experience

We all know that great user experiences lead to happy customers. The importance of having a website largely free of layout quirks and bugs is therefore pretty obvious. A recent study done by the Baymard Institute found that layout bugs were a direct cause of customers leaving the website, with customers finding products too difficult…

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ecommerce cart abandonment

Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment — when a customer initiates a shopping event by adding items to his or her online shopping cart but leaves the site before completing the purchase. You might see cart abandonment as the biggest inconvenience and frustration of owning an online store, an infuriating reminder of revenue that might have been made,…

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Are you tapping into the full scope of your search?

On-site search is a key component of almost any ecommerce website and despite the stakes of ecommerce search being high, most ecommerce stores get it wrong. This leads to a loss of sales and a customer most likely to leave your site and search for the next best alternative. Product search-ability is a key factor…

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Oro eCommerce CRM partnership

We’re very excited to announce that Vane has signed up with Oro eCommerce CRM to bring their Enterprise Edition of their software to South African eCommerce clients! When Magento was sold off to eBay, the original founders of Magento decided to create a Customer Relationship Management system specifically built for eCommerce. Fast forward a couple of years and today Oro is an…

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