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Information architecture & intuitive navigation

We understand that when it comes to eCommerce, websites can become heavy and complicated.

Whether a customer arrives on your website with a specific intent or just wants to browse, your site architecture and navigation can decide whether they stick around or not.

If your site navigation is too confusing for users, unintuitive or too cluttered, you risk site abandonment.

Combining logical navigation and user-behavior we ensure that your customers receive an easy and stress-free user-experience that will keep them coming back.

Customer Trust

Every conversion that occurs within an eCommerce store is as a result of trust. So simply put, no trust, no sale. For this reason we design and develop eCommerce stores using trust-building tactics and key elements that successfully reduce anxiety, reduce friction and increase motivation to purchase.

  • Trust seals & badges

  • Smooth, frictionless user experience

  • SSL (https://) website security

  • Trust-building content (privacy policy, contact details and T&C's)

  • Professional & clean design

  • Fast page loading times

  • Customer reviews & ratings

  • Social proof

  • Reputable payment gateways & required payment options

  • Product information & display

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