Paid Search & Advertising

Does your website need a consistent stream of leads and sales? Are you using Pay Per Click (PPC) as part of your inbound strategy?

PPC marketing is one of the quickest and most direct ways to drive qualified traffic to your website and convert them into actionable leads. 

PPC can be used to strengthen brand awareness and collect data to ensure you are getting the strongest leads and return on investment (ROI).

PPC is a strategic element capable of tracking your potential customers from the moment they click on an ad, through to the point where they convert into a lead, or buy online, allowing you to nurture your customers through the online journey to purchase.

At Vane we invest the time to learn about your business, getting clarity on your marketing objectives and clearly identifying your target market’s needs as they move through the buying cycle. We create PPC ads that are built around your goals, that make the most of your budget, give you more traffic, leads and conversions and ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

Without a doubt, PPC will continue to unpredictably evolve with more features aimed at providing better audience targeting to reach consumers at the right moment of their journey. For now, here are some of the advantages of doing PPC advertising:

  • It is cost effective;
  • It provides detailed targeting;
  • Gives you better control;
  • Allows for a much greater reach;
  • Delivers consistent traffic;
  • Delivers quality traffic that converts;
  • Immediate search engine visibility;
  • Results are easier to measure;
  • Allows you to test campaigns;
  • 24/7 Advertising;
  • Raises brand awareness through impressions;
  • Allows you to leverage on remarketing.

At Vane we offer the following PPC services:

Google Adwords

Our Google AdWords specialists have all the experience in managing PPC advertising strategies and providing extensive consulting and mentorship services to ensure that our client’s Google Campaigns are optimised in accordance with Google’s best practice guidelines, while ensuring the highest possible return on investment.

As Google Partners, let us help you:

  • Identify competitor keyword penetration and average spend per click.
  • Create an effective keyword strategy.
  • Optimise landing pages to ensure maximum PPC penetration with lead capture.
  • Track, report and give you feedback on your campaigns monthly.

Facebook Advertising

It is clear that Facebook advertising is here to stay. And with new ad formats it has become more valuable than ever to use Facebook advertising for your PPC needs.

A flexible and versatile in-built advertising tool that enables targeting by demographics, location, interests and more, Facebook advertising can help you improve your brand awareness, get in front of a mobile audience and give you insights on your performance.

Let us help you:

  • Set up and run campaigns as they are required, making sure they fulfill your marketing goals.
  • Daily maintenance of your Facebook advertising account.
  • Weekly ad management, including copy writing to make sure your ads stay fresh.
  • Utilise best practice methods to improve and optimise your campaigns so that you can get the best returns for your budget.
  • Landing page optimization and suggestions.
  • Frequent consulting to give you useful advice and tips that will allow you to maximize your Facebook ads.

Tell us more about your business needs and we can start the process of putting together a cost estimate based on your specific requirements.

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