Oro eCommerce CRM partnership

We’re very excited to announce that Vane has signed up with Oro eCommerce CRM to bring their Enterprise Edition of their software to South African eCommerce clients!

When Magento was sold off to eBay, the original founders of Magento decided to create a Customer Relationship Management system specifically built for eCommerce. Fast forward a couple of years and today Oro is an open source free CRM system that can plug into just about every eCommerce platform including Magento (out of the box), WooCommerce and Shopify, to name a few.

Along with all the basic functionalities you would expect to find in a good CRM, Oro brings features such as abandoned cart functionality where customers who did not complete a sale can be re-targeted with an email to lure them back into the store and complete 10 – 30% of the sales which otherwise would have been lost.

Oro also plugs into email marketing providers like Mailchimp in order to create marketing campaigns that target specific households and recognise who the biggest spenders are in those households.

There are two versions of Oro – community and enterprise edition. The community edition is completely free for anyone to download and implement for themselves and support for this version is only available via the online forum or their Slack channel.

The enterprise version is for much larger companies where millions of transactions happen on an ongoing basis. Companies can choose to sign up and use their SaaS version of Oro or they can choose to self host Oro on their own technology stack. For a full comparison list of community vs enterprise, see the comparison chart here

Oro Enterprise Edition benefits.

  • PostgreSQL support for large data sets
  • Elastic Search
  • Performance Testing with Large Data Sets
  • Email and phone customer support
  • Multiple organization support
  • Enterprise grade chart
  • LDAP integration
  • Global access to data from multiple organizations within a single view
  • Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Microsoft Exchange server integration
  • Records sharing with other users

Watch the online demonstration below or log into the demo website here to play around with Oro

If you have questions about your specific use case we will be happy to set up a webinar and speak to you about your specific requirements.

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