Why Google AdWords is a must for Ecommerce

Here at Vane we ‘set up shop’ for a lot of online retailers. Many of whom want only the online store and no marketing. However, we view ourselves as a ‘one stop shop’ for a reason — to not only give you a beautiful website but to also ensure that your newly launched store achieves success.

Despite our mandatory advisement on using Google AdWords, many of our clients struggle to see the value of it, or feel that they can self-manage their ad campaigns. Often finding themselves without much success.

Indeed AdWords doesn’t work for everyone and please don’t believe anyone that says it does. But in the right hands, it can really help an ecommerce store in a fairly short space of time.

With Google being the most popular international search engine (75.2%), AdWords is one of the most effective marketing tools that an ecommerce store can use.

And with the number of ecommerce stores growing exponentially each year, staying above the rest can make or break your online business.

Why Google AdWords is a must for ecommerce:

Google is the widest used search engine
The best reason to advertise on Google is quite simply because that’s where your potential customers are most likely to go — actively searching to buy what you have to offer!

AdWords offers a high level of accuracy
Offering targeting options that give you a high level of control over your ads (to increase the ROI on your ad spend), you can target your exact audience with specific data, and reach them at the ideal time and location.

AdWords put you face to face with your competitors
Google AdWords enables you to show off your online business in comparison to your competitors. Assuming you’ve got a great unique selling proposition, great customer reviews, and some catchy text being placed next to competitors can be great for your online business.

Ecommerce is growing and with it so is the competition
With ecommerce looking to be one of the leading professional industries in 2020 and beyond, standing out will become ever the more challenging.

Retargeting shoppers
On average, 98% of online store visitors end their visit without making a purchase, and 70% of these will never go back. Google AdWords allows online retailers to target and remarket to specific audiences who have visited their store in efforts to lure them back.

The future of AdWords:

On the positive side, it has been found in one study that AdWords works so well that 40% of consumers are unaware that the Google Ads that appeared in their search were adverts.

On the negative side, now that Google only displays two types of ads (taking away the ads that used to be displayed to the right of the search results): (1) Text, image or video ads, and (2) Product Listing ads (PLA) or “Shopping Ads” — there are fewer ad positions in search results and a growing number of advertisers seeking opportunities to get their products in front of consumers. Competition will thus become a lot stiffer and with a possible increase in the cost of all keywords, a lot more expensive.

Yes, Google AdWords is one of the most powerful tools to advertise your online business but if your ad campaigns aren’t done correctly you may be costing yourself a lot of time and money for very few clicks and little to no conversions.

AdWords is an art form that requires real organisational skills, a logical mindset, meticulous attention to detail, diligence, and most importantly experience and time.

Because of this, we suggest you employ a Google Certified Partner like us to create and manage your campaigns.


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